To Be Continued

To Be Continued


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    Achivich has harbored secret feelings for Jirawat since high school, when he was pursuing his affections for a girl who later cheats on him. The turning point of this best friends story begins after a movie night turns into an unexpected, tender romantic moment between the two. Achivich is heartbroken when Jirawat wants to forget everything that happened that night. Ten years later, their feelings are tested when the former best friends meet again—Jirawat, now a gentle but insecure Orthopedic surgeon, and Achivich a famous superstar. Will they be able to “continue” where they left off that night at the movies?

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    • Pongsapat Kankam
    • Kajbhunditt Jaidee
    • Franky Weerapat Onsa-ard
    • Nakhun Rojanai
    • Ratchapong Anomakiti
    • Enjoy Thidarut Pruethong
    • Puttachat Pongsuchat
    • Ornanong Panyawong
    • Lerwith Sangsith
    • Passorn Leowrakwong

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